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Reliability, durability & precision

For more than 30 years, The Turbulator Company has produced the highest quality product. We don’t follow the trends, we set them. And as technology changes, we stay on the cutting edge.


Our current offering of Original Turbulator products are unparalleled in quality, durability and precision. Each order is built to your exact specifications, depending on application.


At The Turbulator Company, we only make products we can stand behind. You can trust The Turbulator Company to only provide you with the toughest, most reliable tools in the business.

This is where it all began. A simple idea to fix a complicated problem: How to achieve primary cement coverage across the entire formation, while minimizing cost and installation hassles. For more than 30 years, experts who want the best always Specify the Turbulator (tm).


Throughout the years, The Turbulator Company has stayed on the cutting edge of downhole technology. Not content to simply copy past designs, The Original Turbulator has evolved to incorporate revolutionary design elements that are unmatched by the competition.


Our production plant can fabricate any type of product for centralization, and can build to your specifications within a day. We offer both traditional fixed-position Turbulators, or floating Turbulators with fixed stop rings.


We keep a large quantity of our most common Original Turbulator sizes available on hand, ready to ship at a moment’s notice.


The Original Turbulator. A new twist on an old favorite.

Some downhole applications don’t require an angled blade Turbulator to accomplish the goal of a cement job.


 For these applications, we recommend The Original SLED solid-body centralizer. Our straight-blade Original SLED designs can be manufactured with either rounded or square blades, depending on your specifications. We offer both traditional fixed-position SLEDs, and floating SLEDs with fixed stop rings.


Each Original SLED centralizer is precision built, using the latest in robotic welding technology and CNC lathes to ensure your tolerances are met within .004”.

The Original Turbulator

Straight Blade sled

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