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The Turbulator Company uses the latest technology to produce The Original Turbulator family of products. Always an industry innovator, The Turbulator Company has pioneered the use of robotic welding systems, automated cold saws and CNC lathes and mills in downhole Turbulator and solid-body centralizer manufacture.


What does this mean for you and your business? Quite simply, it allows us to produce a superior product to our competition, within a degree of tolerance unmatched by any other manufacturer in the field.


Plus, the automation allows us to fabricate our products faster, and with less manpower, thus a superior AND less expensive Turbulator for your application.


We use 10/18 mild carbon steel in the manufacturing process, and track our materials with MTR to ensure the quality of the materials. All materials pass through an ongoing inspection in each of the stage of the manufacturing process. We use the Lincoln/Fanuc robotic welding system, with quality you can actually see. Each of our products has a visual inspection on the welding process on every weld, indicating the strongest bond between the body and blades.

MAZAK 4000 Mill

The Turbulator Company continually updates and expands its stable of automated milling machines. This Mazak 4000 allows us to produce Turbulators with amazing precision even faster than before. Our commitment to technology means we can build the best centralizers in the industry AND offer the most competitive prices to boot.


The Turbulator Company employs five state-of-the-art Lincoln/Fanuc robotic welding systems to ensure the highest quality welds on all of our products. The robots easily outpace  human welders, their output is consistent. The Lincoln/Fanuc system allows us to turn out a better product in less time with the quality that does not compare to what is out in the marketplace. That translates directly into savings for our customers.



Our automated Behringer cold saw system, one of only 6 currently in operation in the United States, is the largest single piece of equipment in the shop. With the toughest carbide tipped saw blades, this machine can seemingly cut through mild steel in seconds.  When time is money, and you can cut something in seconds instead of minutes, that is a great savings. With the ability to set up the pipe and let it run less manpower is needed. The HCS can cut 6 inches in diameter and 20 feet lengths. The precise cut is within .004” of specification. This machine is used as a starting point for most of our Original Turbulator products.


Always a pioneer in our field, The Turbulator Company has led the way in straight vane centralizer design and fabrication. The Turbulator Company uses a semi-automated PSU cold saw to fabricate straight vanes for The Original Sled centralizers, within tolerances of .004”. Depending on customer specifications, either solid steel round or bar stock is used, creating the perfect blend of strength and ease of downhole transport.



For larger diameter Original Turbulator products, the Futura band saw makes quick work out of larger O.D. pipe to be turned into Turbulators or centralizers. This saw can cut up to 16 inches in diameter.


MAZAK Lathes

The final step in the production of The Original Turbulator family of products is to ensure exact specifications. Each of our products goes through one of our Mazak CNC lathes — the finest lathes available. These machines are capable of consistent, precise turning of our products down to .004”, less than the width of a human hair. When you specify dimensions in your order, you can rest assured that you will receive precisely what you need.



Precision and quality are undeniably the most important aspects of any tool. And Turbulators are no different. Our Original Turbulator family of products (either stop rings, or fixed-Turbulators and centralizers) is drilled and tapped using the latest tooling technology.  The mills we use ensure quality and consistency throughout your entire process.


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