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The Original Turbulator. Since 1984.

The Turbulator Company story begins in a garage in Oklahoma City in 1984, where the late Norman Sanders and associates designed and created the perfect centralizer for a changing energy industry.


They had a client who was custom manufacturing an integral joint centralizer that was several feet in length. The Turbulator Company built a Turbulator that was less than six inches in length and was installed on the outside of the casing. This dramatically slashed drilling costs.


Due to the strength of The Original Turbulator design, a partnership was formed with AMOCO, and extensive research and development ensued. Research done by AMOCO confirmed that The Original Turbulator design did carry the spiraling effect a full 20 feet across the casing.


The end result was an industry-first short isolator design, one which would ultimately replace the integral-joint centralizer that was common in that era.


It all started in a garage in Oklahoma City. And that history continues in a state-of-the-art factory in Oklahoma CIty.


Since Jack McHenry took the reigns in 1994, The Turbulator Company has expanded into a modern manufacturing center in South Oklahoma City. Under Mr. McHenry’s direction, The Turbulator Company has doubled-down on its commitment to advanced research and development, and boasts an impeccable safety record, to boot.


Using the newest robotic welding technology and perfectly calibrated, CNC lathes and mills, The Turbulator Company produces the finest Turbulators on the market. The Turbulator Company is cost effective compared to the products being produced in the current market.


From a garage in Oklahoma City to a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant just down the road, The Turbulator Company continues to provide the best products and customer service at a price unparalleled in the marketplace.

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